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A Goldenrod Spell

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Lilac
Goldenrod is ruled by the Sun and is among the most healing of all herbs. Now goldenrod is blooming, spreading its cheerful yellow-gold flowers across meadows and along roadsides. To keep its protective energies close to you through winter, go to a place where goldenrod is blooming in the wild and cut a small bouquet. Bring it home and tie the stems together with a yellow ribbon, yarn, or raffia. Think of anything specific in your life that you'd like the goldenrod to help you with. It could be a health concern or just general well-being. Hang the bouquet upside down and away from direct sunlight to dry.
Let the goldenrod remind you of the warm, sunny days of late summer throughout the coming dark days of winter. In the spring, take the goldenrod to where you cut it and crumble it upon the earth as an offering.
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