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Spell to Appease Family and In-laws

In a perfect world, we all would get along with our family and in-laws, but of course things don't always work out that way. To appease troublesome family members, anoint a small black candle with cypress, eucalyptus, or rosemary oil, and say: "Clarity, cut through the fog of hate." Imagine the candle as representative of your troubles. Know that as you watch, negative emotions will diminish. During a free hour each day light the candle, chanting: "Suspicion dwindle like this candle, meanness vanquished. Trouble calmed and spite appeased; you and I are at ease." Imagine the hostility melting, and light taking its place. Repeat at the same time every day until the candle is used up. Bury any fragments that remain far from your home. You may need to be persistent with this spell; family prejudice can be obdurate. Repeat as necessary.
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