Theater of the Play of Magic

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Thyme
Create a simple, bare, and open altar. Breathe, ground, center, and align. Gather up life force to cleanse and consecrate the altar to your magical work. This altar is your Theatre of the Play of Magic. Whenever you choose to consciously place an item or symbol upon this altar, it will instantly recognize this as an affirmed act of magic and will respond as such. Be very aware of what you place on this spell altar, as it will come into being.
To seal this spell and align with this altar as your Theatre of the Play of Magic, repeat the following while raising power:

"I am an actor in a play,
A play that happens every day.
This altar is my theater blessed,
And on it are placed in what I am

Release the power into the altar and
declare the work done.
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