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A Spiritual Unveiling

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Almond
As we move closer to Samhain, the veil continually thins. Every day this month can be used for spiritual communication; you do not have to wait for Samhain to arrive.
Do your spirit guides or ancestors have messages for you? If you are new to communing with spirits, try using a pendulum, asking yesor- no questions. Before you begin a session, burn a little frankincense.
Then say the following:

"Spirit guides, I call to you.
Ancestors, I call to you.
Friends and family, both known,
and unknown, I call to you.
From across the veil, I call to you
and invite you to commune.
Join your essence with mine
In the presence of the Divine."

In the beginning, keep your sessions short. Spirit communication can be exhausting work, but when it helps you to unveil a spiritual truth, it is well worth it.
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