Christmas Candle Spell

For good luck to smile upon you throughout the coming year, light a Yule-candle (a large mold-candle decked with evergreens) on Christmas or Christmas Eve. Recite the following incantation: "Candle of Yule with flame bright, you shall burn through this night. Bring us fortune and luck fair all through the coming year. So mote it be." Allow the Yule-candle to burn, undisturbed, until sunrise of December 26. A safe place to keep a burning Yule-candle overnight is either in the bathtub or kitchen sink. When time comes to put out the candle, extinguish the flame with a candle snuffer or by pinching it out between your moistened fingertips. Blowing it out, according to tradition, will cause all of your good luck to be scattered to the wind.
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