Prosperity Mulled into a Plumply Port

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Bayberry
For this spell, assemble the following

• One bottle vintage port wine, rested upright at room temperature for twenty-four hours

• One hearty pinch shaved black truffle, to draw from the depths of divinity

• Eight whole cocoa beans, to fertilize eternal wealth

• One vanilla bean, sliced in quarters, to divide and multiply liquidated wealth

• One decanting bottle, to spillforth opulence into your life

• 220ºF water bath

When the sun is setting, uncork and decant a bottle of vintage port slowly, yet carefully, for this spell. Heat the decanter by placing it in a pan of room-temperature water, then heat the water bath to 220ºF and let rest for ten minutes. Take care that the water level of the pan matches the level of port in the decanter to keep the bottle stable in the water bath. When the port is warm, add the shaved black truffle, cocoa beans, and vanilla bean quarters. Rest the mulled port in the 220ºF water bath for another ten minutes. Finally, as you serve up a warm glass of fortune to your guests this Fat Tuesday, give a hearty toast to fill the world with opulence.
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