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Conjure a Springtime Romance

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Rose
Today, plant the seeds for a sassy springtime romance. Print out or draw tiny calendar pages for March, April, May, and June. Light a pink candle. Close your eyes and feel the feelings you'd like to feel surrounding your love life. Don't envision anyone specific-simply imagine being in the midst of the conditions you desire. Anoint the calendar pages with jasmine or rose absolute essential oil, and place them in a small glass jar with a lid. Fill the jar with organic honey as you chant:

"Sweetness fills this heady time.
I call on love and lust sublime.
This springtime is the most divine."

Tightly close the lid and place on your altar. Every new and full moon, rotate it thrice in a clockwise direction. In July, release the contents in a moving body of water to keep the magic flowing in your life in the most positive of ways.
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