Moon Eggs

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Pine
The Old Farmer's Almanac calls April's full moon "Egg Moon," a nod to the promise of fertility of the spring equinox. Capture this unique and paradoxical energy-potent beginnings (the egg) and completion(full moon)-by making moon eggs.
Place three eggs in a bowl of cold saltwater and take them outside. If you can, catch the reflection of the full moon in the bowl. Invoke the power of the full Egg Moon:

"Lovely Luna, full and bright,
Inside gold, outside white.
Reach down with your potent beams,
To germinate my fondest dreams."

Eat one egg each day over the next three days. Recite the incantation and visualize the vitality embodied in the Egg Moon coming directly into you. You have the power and potential to begin any task and see it through to completion.
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