Anise for Awareness

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Eucalyptus
Anise is an herb of the air element, ruled by Jupiter. This masculine plant has a sharp, spicy aroma. It aids awareness, psychic power, and concentration. The element of air is connected to matters of creativity and inspiration.
Use this spell if you need new ideas for any craft. Ideally, cast the spell at night under Jupiter. You will need anise oil and an object representing your craft. Anoint the craft item with the oil, saying:

"I bless my work with the power of air.
Dab oil on your wrists, saying:
I bless my hands with precision.
Anoint your forehead, saying:
I bless my mind with inspiration."

Concentrate on what you wish to receive from the element of air.
After casting this spell, keep the anointed object in your workplace. When you want a boost of inspiration, put some anise oil on your wrist where you can sniff it as needed.
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