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Living Water

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Nutmeg
Our blood, our tears, and our bodies' very tissues are all made from water. The water element is the life-giver, essential to our health and to our very existence. The Elder Pliny described it as the "cause of all things that grow on Earth." The water element is cleansing, healing, and inspiring, and gifts us with psychic tools and divination skills.
Spend a day (or longer) focusing deeply on your connection to the water element. Dress in beach clothes or robes in blues and greens-and don't forget the flip-flops! Carry agate, coral, lapis, or pearls, and surround yourselves with shells, sea glass, and a bowl of sand to work with your fingers. Spend a day beside moving water, such as a local stream, river, lake, or sea. Create small "boats" from leaves or bits of wood; write your wishes on them and cast them into the current. Bon voyage!
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