World Teacher's Day

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Hyssop
In these economically stressed times, schools and teachers need all the help they can get. I recently heard a parent complain about having to cover her child's soft-cover and paperback books with clear plastic contact paper. Although plastic may strike some as being not ecologically sound, books do need to be protected. When I was in school, we used brown paper grocery bags or craft paper. These days there are "book sox," stretchy cloth covers. Neither of these options may work very well on paperback books.
Whatever your choice or option, make a ritual out of honoring the written word. It is refreshing that schools continue to provide books to students.
Gather your supplies and light a candle. Ground and center. Another possibility is to use this occasion to encourage children to create their first grimoire.

"Athena/Minerva, bless this activity.
We cover and protect books.
We honor the written word.
We respect the lessons within.
Inspire us and guide us to use these to the best of our abilities."
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