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Washing Away the Evil Eye

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Cypress
Numerous cultures worldwide hold a belief in the "evil eye," or the covetous gaze. This gaze, whether symbolic or actual, holds the energy of this statement: "I want what you have, and I don't want you to have it."
To protect yourself from the evil eye, simply draw eyeballs on windows and doors in your house by using a dry-erase marker or something similar and washable. Be sure to draw some invisible eyeballs using your saliva. Burn incense at each location, and sprinkle your entire property with saltwater to form an invisible rampart.
Approach each window or door, and imagine each one glowing in white, with each eyeball glowing in a deep, rich blue. Recite any declarations of magickal intention at each location using a forceful and authoritative tone. Conclude by stating the following at each location:

"Protective spirits, I summon thee. Protect me from the evil eye, so mote it be."
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