Ever Changing

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Myrrh
In ancient Rome, the annual Feast of Luna was held today, celebrating the goddess of the moon and lunar magic. At moonrise, sit quietly in a sacred (and safe) place to invoke Luna. Draw a clockwise circle around you with the index finger of your right hand, calling in the directions:

"I invoke Luna, the divine feminine, she who rules the measurement of time, fertility cycles, calendars, and crops. Bless me with the wisdom of the moon: magic, intuition, and the eternal cycle of dark, wax, full, wane, and void. With the knowledge of the cycles of the universe, I easily ebb, flow, and change. Luna, bless me throughout every stage."

Breathe deeply. Connect to the moon, to Luna and her eternal, cyclical magic. Know that her cycle of change guides you. Close the circle with your left hand, circling counterclockwise, releasing the directions and closing sacred space.
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