An Autumn Spell for Banishing and Balancing

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Yarrow
As the leaves change color and fall around us, we are reminded that pieces of ourselves that no longer serve us must die. So what'll it be? Perhaps a wallowing sense of sadness that's a residual from childhood? Maybe a streak of anger that you can't seem to break? A bad habit or constant pessimism?
In addition to exploring emotionally therapeutic routes, such as art, counseling, healthy diet, and exercise, you can create a bit of magick to help usher out these forces during the glory of the dying season.
Simply gather a handful of fallen leaves and write negative things on them that summarize these sensations. These can be pictures, symbols, words, or short sentences-get creative! One by one, carefully burn these dead leaves with the flame of a black candle while declaring:

I release you now, this autumntide.
So mote it be.
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