Be Brave

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Marigold
Every autumn, I grieve the end of swimming season. October 23 is the latest I have ever swum in Lake Ontario. To truly swim, one's crown chakra must fully submerge. Brrr.
Each of us has our own ways of challenging and strengthening ourselves-marathons, polar dips, elaborate tasks. In his Language of Mastery series, Robert Tennyson Stevens teaches how to "use" fear as motivation toward faith and courage. We can transform fear. Today, be brave. Meditate.
Sit in a safe place. Breathe deeply and sink into a meditative state. Look at what you fear: poverty, illness, violence, threats, your history, etc. Feel fear grip you. Now lengthen your breath, and transform the energy. Say:

With this energy, I feed my fire, growing
strong and courageous. Where once
was fear, now lives faith. I felt afraid,
but found my courage. Fear transformed
into faith and courage. I am brave.
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