Rise Above Procrastination

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Carnation
I've been putting off writing this spell ... oh, let's face it: we all procrastinate from time to time. Some people thrive on that last-minute burst of adrenaline to cross the finish line, but if you find that your procrastination leaves you stressed to the limit, here's a spell to help you overcome it.

You'll need a 3 x 6-inch piece of paper and a seven-day jar candle. On the paper, draw two eyes. Draw in the pupil on the right eye, but leave the pupil on the left eye totally blank. Below the two eyes, write the goal, project, or whatever you need to accomplish. Use a glue stick to attach the paper to the candle. Put the candle on your desk or wherever you'll see it giving you the one-eyed stare. Every time you work on your goal, light the candle. When you complete your goal, you can draw in the other pupil and celebrate!
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