Solar Confidence to Outshine Anxiety

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Cedar
At this time of year, the sun is far away from the earth in the Northern Hemisphere. Since we recently passed the winter solstice, not to mention the craziness of Christmastime, it's a good idea to harness the light of the sun while it slowly begins its annual waxing cycle.

Carry a sunstone in one pocket and a citrine in the other (or any other solar stones you fancy). Standing outdoors in the dim sunlight, envision the solar rays descending into your body and soul. Slowly walk six large deosil (clockwise) circles while you visualize the snow and ice melting. Think about issues in your life that cause you anxiety and insecurity. Stand at the center of the circle you've just walked, and boldly declare:

"As each day passes, my confidence grows. In the name of the sun, I love myself and all that I am!"
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