Van Van

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Juniper
Get every spook and stowaway out of those dusty nooks and crannies this spring with a bit of Vodou acumen. Van Van is an antimicrobial cleaning agent that is tough on grease and grime as well as germs and allergens. Making your own can be a bit of an investment, but it's one that really saves money in the long run and also invites luck and prosperity into the home. Van Van is an all-purpose cleaner commonly used to energetically purify windows, countertops, and especially floors.

In a 32-ounce oil-safe Evo spray bottle, combine the following:

* 3 drops pure essential thyme oil
* 3 drops pure essential citronella oil
* 3 drops pure essential vervain oil
* 3 drops pure essential lemongrass oil
* 3 drops pure essential ginger oil
* 3 drops pure essential galangal oil
* 3 drops pure essential patchouli oil
* 3 drops free & clear dish soap (one with a coconut base works best)
* 5 ounces 100 proof vodka
* 5 ounces distilled white vinegar
* 22 ounces distilled water

This spray should be shaken before each use and is not safe for application on wood flooring or lacquered furnishings.
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