You-A Wandmaker!

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Cedar
Many magick users end up buying wands from a craftsperson, but making your own need not be complicated and can be tremendously satisfying.

You'll need a piece of thumbwidth wand wood (the length should extend roughly from elbow to fingertips of your dominant arm), a pocketknife, sandpaper (several grades), beeswax, and a soft cotton cloth.

Use the knife to peel the bark and remove rough spots from the wood, then begin sanding, starting with coarse sandpaper and working to fine. When the wand is satiny smooth, rub it all over with beeswax and rub in the wax with the cloth. Repeat three times. Your wand is now ready to use.

Hold the wand and feel its balance. Charge it under midday sun and full moon and consecrate it using the four elements:

"A Witch's tool, giv'n from a tree, comes to my hands, worked just for me."

Wrap the wand in a soft cloth and keep it out of direct light when not in use.
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