Go Away Spell

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Violet
Sometimes the attention we receive isn't healthy. Whether it's an unwanted advance from a would-be partner, a bully, a stalker, or just someone who is overly needy and stifling, it happens. While you shouldn't rely solely on magic to end the attention, there's nothing wrong with adding a spell or two to your protective arsenal.

For this spell, you'll need a white candle, an image of a peacock with its tail coverts spread in display, some pine needles or resin, a heatsafe container, and something to represent the two of you, preferably two photos. Place the photo of you in front of the candle and behind the peacock image. Then place the photo of the other person so that it faces the peacock. Behind all of this, place the heat-safe container and light the pine needles long enough to get them to smolder. Each day, for seven days, move the other person's photo farther away. Finally, discard it altogether. Although it's entirely up to you, the pine needles really only need to be lit the first night.
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