Protecting a Child

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Yarrow
You and your child can create bedtime guardians against things that go bump in the night. Place an elemental doll at each of the compass points in your child's room.

In the east, hold your child's hand, facing the doll-a bird or winged fairy-and say:

"You are the guardian of the east. Your job is to protect this room from all flying things and all things of air. So be it!"

Repeat this in each direction. The doll of the south is a lizard, lion, or tiger. It protects from all creepy-crawlies and all things of fire. The doll of the west is a fish, whale, or dolphin and protects from all dark things, bad dreams, and all things of water. The doll of the north is a bear, pig, or bull and protects from all hidden things, anything underground, and all things of earth.

Return to the east and say:

"Now this room is safe. These guardians watch over (your child's name) whether in their quarter or in his/her bed. So be it."
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