Wheel of Global Peace

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Rosemary
While on a walk today, gather eight fallen twigs, each about twenty inches long; look for ones that call to you. Using rainbow-dyed cotton twine, bind the twigs into four crossed pairs, balancing all the opposites in the world. Next, affix each crossed pair to another, creating two wheels. Lace the two wheels together, weaving any excess twine between the twigs to tie off each wheel at the center. Weave three feet of braided twine and tie this to hang as a central line.

Finally tie varying lengths of twine tightly onto each twig. Add a cultural charm or item of religious jewelry onto each loose thread to dangle down. It's okay to start with just a few items that you have on hand and add more over the season as a family project. Display this artful mobile above a table, reading nook, or family sofa to evoke peace and human rights within your home.
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