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Harvesting Your Project Garden

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Lavender
Hopefully all the projects you planted are complete (see May 9, June 25, and August 23). Goals you set for yourself in the spring are now matured. If you have followed through and worked your projects faithfully, you will have reached your goals. Congratulations!

Sometimes, though, you may not get exactly what you wanted. Maybe you got close to your goal, or maybe you forgot something. This should not deter you.

Take a break, assess the projects, and figure out why one was a success and another did not reach your goal. Remember, there is no failure. This is a learning process. You need to see what needs to be changed to make this "growing" spell work. Maybe better planning, maybe better tools. Or maybe the plan was not for you, and you need to review the entire project.

This process does work. It may just require some practice. Magic is a practice, and you can repeat this process as necessary.
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