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Write a Letter to Santa

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Thyme
Today is traditionally the beginning of the holiday season. Santa Claus, with his Pagan origins, is the spirit of generosity. He lets us be in touch with our inner child, and ask for what we want from a place of innocence. On your altar, set up the following items:

* The Nine of Cups card (the "wish card") from a tarot deck
* A pen
* A sheet of paper
* A stamped envelope
* Symbols of the four elements (for example, a feather for air, a candle for fire, a cup of water for water, and a stone for earth)
* An image of Santa

Meditate on the Nine of Cups card, asking yourself what is it you truly want.

Touch the pen, paper, and envelope to each elemental symbol, saying:

"By (air/fire/water/earth), may gifts
come to me when they are asked for
by my true self."

Begin your letter by writing "Dear Santa," and ask for sincerely desired gifts. Let go of any wishes that are momentary, faddish, or whimsical. Consider what you really want and need. Seal the letter in the envelope, saying:

So mote it be!

Mail the letter to Santa at the North Pole.
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