Rune of the Sun Spell of Success

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Bayberry
The Nordic rune of the sun is sometimes known as Sowilo and looks like a lightning strike (ß ). It represents triumph, success, and the sun itself. I like to make the sound sss and trace or draw this rune when working for success.

Perform this spell either at dawn while the sun is rising in the east or in the middle of the day with the sun strong overheard. Carve the Sowilo rune into a gold candle seven times. Light the candle, then begin to rock back and forth and start to make the sound sss. Let the sound overwhelm your consciousness as you feel yourself coated in golden sunlight and opening every cell to its power. When you feel the peak of that solar force within you, release the charge into the candle and pinch out the flame. Light the candle when you need to work for victory.
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