Help with Change

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Marigold
It's that time of year when we begin to slow down. The year is almost at an end and the weather gets colder. In some areas, most of the leaves are off the trees and the landscape is looking bare.

This moon we are reminded that another change is coming. This coming cycle is part of the circle of life, death, and rebirth. As with all cycles, we should be prepared to deal with changes. We ask our chosen deities to help us to adjust to change. Some of us love the coming season, but for others it may be a season of trials. Holidays are hard for some, while others revel in the planning and preparation. This season can be a joyful memory in the making or it can be a painful memory.

Whatever your ability is to deal with change, we can all use some help. We are reminded this moon that it is okay to ask for help when we need it. Whether it's from our gods, those we love, or professionals, we should never be afraid to ask for help when dealing with change.
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