Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Ginger
Use this spell to stop gossip. Get two squares of cork no smaller than two inches square. Its soundproofing qualities will silence rumors. You will also need a pen, a yellow sheet of paper, and some string or tape.

At your altar, burn cloves in a censer, or burn a stick of clove incense. Pass each ingredient (cork, paper, pen, string) through the smoke, saying each time:

"No unkind words may be spoken about me.
No untrue words may be spoken about me.
No rumor shall spread.
So mote it be!"

On the yellow paper, write rumors you've heard about yourself. If you aren't sure, use phrases like "Have you heard about (your name)?" Fill one side of the page.

Fold each side of the paper into the center, then fold it over again. As you fold, concentrate on sealing away these words so they cannot be spoken.

Place the paper between the pieces of cork, then tie the bundle with string or seal it with tape.

"Silence blesses me! So mote it be!"

Hide this spell in a dark corner of a closet. You can leave it there indefinitely.
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