Chakra Stone

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Heliotrope
Create a chakra stone by painting a column of color on your stone from root to crown ( bottom to top). You will need a set of paints and brushes.

Go for a walk and find a stone that feels good when held in your hands.

With your paints set up and your stone before you, ground and center. When you feel calm, visualize your root, say I have, and paint a red dot near the bottom of your stone.

Visualize your groin, say I feel, and paint an orange dot above the red one.

Visualize your solar plexus, say I will, and paint a yellow dot above the other two, forming a vertical column of dots.

Visualize your heart, say I love, and paint a green dot.

Visualize your throat, say I speak, and paint a blue dot.

Visualize your third eye, say I see, and paint an indigo dot.

Visualize your crown, say I know, and paint a violet dot.

Breathe calm, balanced energy into the stone.

Hold the stone whenever you need help balancing or when you feel disconnected.
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