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Give a Gift

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Myrrh
Yule-the winter solstice-is an inspired time of year for many. Celebrate with gift giving, a powerful form of intentional magick. In giving a gift, we create intention, bring it to life by creating the gift, and pass this on to a loved one. The act of giving transmits magickal energy from one person to another, and the energy is magnified by the exchange.

The most powerful gifts are those we create with our own hands or spirit. Create a gift this season for a favorite friend or offer a gift of time, such as a lunch together, a promise of babysitting, or help with yard chores. As you package the gift, tie a green ribbon around it (for prosperity), saying:

"Hey the gift, ho the gift, here the gift,
there the gift. Now the time comes the
gift, cheers may it bring!"

Deliver the gift. As the ribbon is untied, the energy will release.
Blessed be!
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