Give Me Strength!

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Lilac
Since you are smack in the middle of a potentially exhausting holiday season, now is a time for an energy spell.

Get a small red cloth about two inches square and a bright yellow ribbon. You're going to tie ten knots into the ribbon (ten is a number of energy), so make sure it's long enough. Place a red carnation on your altar.

Put a pinch of black tea and a shiny copper penny on the center of the cloth square.

Point your athame or wand at the ingredients, saying:

"I am strong,
I am full of energy,
I feel good."

(Improvise the words to match your particular needs this season.)

Use the ribbon to tie the cloth closed. As you tie each of the ten knots, say:

"Strength and energy, so mote it be!"

Carry your energy totem with you as you go about your busy day
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