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New Year Prosperity Spell

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Ginger
At the new year, we often look back on habits we wish to change. This spell helps us to acknowledge things we do that can sabotage our prosperity, such as frivolous spending.

On your altar, place a large green candle, some nuts or dried beans, and a dollar bill. Place the nuts or beans on top of the dollar bill; these are to remind you that you have all the resources you need to meet your daily needs without spending money.

For the rest of the month, light the green candle each day and think of one way you can avoid spending money that day. Can you make dinner at home instead of getting takeout? Can you repair that hole in your jeans instead of getting a new pair? Can you read a book instead of shopping the online holiday sales? Remember, we usually don't really need many of the things we buy.

Each day you light the candle, count your blessings and be aware of how little you need to survive and be happy.

The beans or nuts represent the abundance and bounty in your life-family, friends, health, work-all of which are more important than money.
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