Knights Templar Protection

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood
It was on this day in 1128 that the Knights Templar were officially sanctioned by Pope Honorius II. The Knights Templar were a fierce military organization and were declared "God's Army," or "Soldiers of Christ." This spell offers uncomplicated yet proven protection. Don't let its simplicity fool you! If you're going through a patch of bad luck or feel that someone's holding something against you, this will set things right.

You'll need a token that you usually wear. An amulet is great, but even a pendant, a ring, or your fitness tracker will work. Bend down on one knee, focus on your deity, and while holding your chosen item in your non-dominant hand, repeat this chant:

"Lord, in all your glory,
protect me with your grace."

Repeat the chant until you feel your deity's peace descending upon you, and let your charmed item recall this protection whenever it needs a boost.
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