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Spell for Keeping a Loved One Close

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Lilac
Today's waxing moon is ideal for this spell.

Light a silver or white candle. Meditate on your loved one, imagining them close to you.

Cut a six-inch circle from pink or red cloth. Within the circle, place a small photo of your loved one and, if possible, a little snippet of their hair (to boost the sympathetic magic). Add small items or mementos that symbolize your relationship. You might add a few rose, daisy, or lavender petals. Use a cord to tie the circle shut hobostyle, closing it with a square knot.

Light a second silver (or white) candle and set the bundle between the two candles. Repeat:

"As these candles burn so brightly,
Bridge the gap twixt you and me.
Whether your absence be short or long,
Keep our souls' connection strong."

Extinguish the candles and place them on your altar. Keep the bundle close to you.
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