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Increasing Harmony in All Relationships

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Ylang-ylang
Human communication is complex. While mystical folks understand the reality of oneness, paradoxically everyone has their own unique personality and modes of communication. Life is built upon relationships-not just romantic ones but also familial bonds, friendships, acquaintances, pets, daily interactions with strangers, online exchanges, and so on.

To increase ease and grace in all manner of communication, procure eight orange-colored chime candles (the small birthday candles) and anoint them with an essential oil of your choice. Use whichever oil feels right to you, even if it's plain old olive oil! Beneath the candleholder, place cinnamon, catnip, and/or valerian (make sure the flames won't actually touch the herbs).

Safely burn one candle a day as you go about your communicative business at home. If you are not socializing in person or technologically, try singing, chanting, or reading out loud while the candle burns. Express yourself. Smell the herbs and feel the candle's subtle heat. Repeatedly declare:

"My relationships are graced!
I am at ease through time and space."
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