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Liberty and Justice for All

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Marjoram
For readers in the United States, Independence Day can be a fun and frivolous time of celebration to mark the anniversary of colonial independence from England in 1776. However, Native American nations suffered greatly from these colonial conquests-and continue to suffer even now, in many cases.

We can't erase the past. We are where we are, and we must move forward with compassion. Historical violence and bloodshed have left an energetic mark of terror in colonized America and elsewhere. Let's lend a little bit of healing to these imprints regardless of our own nationality.

Light a red candle, a white candle, a blue candle, and a brown candle to symbolize the earth and her indigenous peoples (the brown is not a reference to skin color, but to the fertile earth). Place a map of the US next to the candles (even if it's on your phone or computer). Use your hands to pull heat off all four candles, and direct the warmth all over the map while visualizing harmony and repeating this:

"Peace must prevail. Let freedom
ring. With liberty and justice
for all! So mote it be."
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