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The Goddess Smiles Upon You

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Orchid
Friday is Freya's and Venus's day, a time to invoke love, joy, and beauty. Here in North America, these summer days are long with light. Invoke a sense of timelessness. Allow the light to stretch time and enable you to feel rich and lush, beautiful and loving. Move slowly through the day, pausing to say:

"Time stretches luxuriously.
There is time for all goodness today."

Let the goodness find you. Create beauty in each of your interactions. Look into people's eyes when you talk with them, greet strangers you pass by on the street with a smile or nod, hold the door for people, pat friendly dogs, and admire babies. Feel the energetic charge of each small positive interaction build within you, growing wider and longer. Internalize the positivity, and feel your own beauty, bask in your joy, and know you are loved. Let Freya and Venus smile upon you.
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