Bells for Liberty

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Juniper
On this date in 1776, the Liberty Bell rang out in Philadelphia and the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence took place. Although we celebrate our nation's independence from Britain, we must remember that not all people in our nation have their civil liberties and are free from oppression. Many groups still face civil rights battles.

Today, let us ring our own bells as a reminder of these ongoing battles, and let it serve as an energetic and symbolic call to engage however we can to support civil rights and liberties for all citizens! As you ring your bells, you can recite your own list of groups still fighting for equality. Follow it with this incantation:

"Peace, freedom, liberty, equality,
May it come swiftly.
With clarity of vision for everyone,
Let freedom ring out, let it be won.
Let it ring, let it sing,
With pure hearts,
These things we work to bring!"
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