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Shine Bright

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Rose
The full moon is all about positive influences. The lunar eclipse, which won't be visible to most North Americans today due to the timing, is a sign that even though the moon is hidden in the shadows, she is still just as powerful. Therefore, the eclipse actually can give you a boost in any workings you do at this time. Make a special batch of magical water to use in future spells and rituals.

Fill a glass bottle with filtered water. Take it outside in the morning and raise it up over your head. Ask the Goddess to bless the water and infuse it with energy. Allow the bottle to sit out all day and all night. The water will be exposed to the sun, the moon, and the eclipse, harnessing the magical properties and strengths of all three. Before bringing the bottle in, thank the Goddess for charging this potent water.
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