Get Rid of an Unwanted Guest

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Clove
Try this spell if you have company who has turned from being a guest into a pest. All you need is a broom (magical or everyday), some salt, and a few dried black tea leaves.

If your guest has overstayed their welcome, try to slip out of the room for a moment. Grab your broom and rub the handle vigorously from bottom to top. Say these words quietly or think them:

"Broom, broom, without harm,
Help me with this magical charm.
With perfect timing and perfect speed,
Let my guest take their leave!"

If possible, lean the broom so the handle is pointing in the direction of your guest. Return to your guest. They will probably seem uncomfortable and will leave soon. After they leave, sprinkle some salt and a few dried tea leaves in the doorway they used as they left. This should get rid of any negativity that may linger.
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