Spell to Increase Freelance Work

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Pine
It's becoming increasingly common in our "gig economy" to work part-time at multiple jobs, relying on freelance income. It can sometimes be difficult to find more work assignments, especially for people who work with writing, editing, or design, given the recent changes in technology and communication. Our confidence can falter and make us uneasy about finding work. Try this simple spell to help generate more work.

Get a multicolored stack of sticky notes. Write one word on each note that reminds you of how effective and unique your work is. These might be words like "Creative" or "Perfectionist" or "Resourceful." Place these notes around your workspace: above your desk, on your computer monitor, on your bulletin board, on a window, etc. When you see them, say aloud, "I am creative!" and follow up with another related statement, such as "I have great ideas!" This amounts to giving yourself small, frequent pep talks. Change the location of these notes periodically to associate them with different activities.
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