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Release Christmas-Related Negativity

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Ginger
Not everyone loves Christmas. In fact, many of us have quite a bit of emotional baggage attached to it. This spell will help you release old hurtful associations and to see today for the brand-new-and totally neutral- day it truly is. It's great if you can do this at sunrise, but otherwise any time in the morning will do.

Face east and center yourself. Light a stick of cinnamon incense and safely smudge yourself, letting the smoke waft around your body. Hold the incense up to the morning sun. Say:

"A new day dawns today. It is not
like any day that has dawned before.
It is fresh, open, and filled with
light. I release old cultural and
family paradigms, expectations,
and emotional hurts. I release the
illusion that this day holds any
power over me, and I am free. I give
thanks for this beautiful day."
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