Bad Habits, Fly Away!

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood
A new moon and a solar eclipse: this is a time to welcome in and a time to banish. Such contradictions may seem impossible to resolve. The days begin to be longer, indicating an awakening, but we are in the time of the wheel of the year for introspection.

The first time you perform this casting, choose something simple, like a minor bad habit. Prepare your space, get comfortable, and envision your favorite bird. This friendly bird is awaiting your request. Next, envision the bad habit as well as the good habit that will replace it. After you write the bad habit on a piece of paper, your little bird puts out a leg and you tie the paper on. Fly away, bad habit! Now imagine that bird returning to you with the new good habit, or just the lack of the bad habit. Say:

"Little bird of feathers and flight,
Take this bad habit and make it right.
Little bird of feathers and fun,
Bring me a good habit, now it is begun."
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