Keep the Wheels Turning

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Lavender
Most of modern society relies on technology, yet it gets little mention in magic. Our ancestors worshipped aspects of what was modern technology to them, such as smithcraft. Here, then, is a spell to beseech the spirit of technology for smooth functioning.

To cast this spell, you'll need a representation of a wheel. It can be as simple as a picture or as fancy as fidget jewelry with wheels that actually turn. Visualize your wheel as a personification of technology. Touch the wheel to three working machines of importance to you, perhaps your car, refrigerator, and computer. Give thanks to the spirit of technology for what you have. Ask it to keep everything in your life running as it should.

Afterward, keep the wheel in a safe place. If it's a picture, you can keep it on your altar. Jewelry may be worn or stored in a jewelry box.
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