Ask Father Mars for Help

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Geranium
March is, of course, ruled by Mars. So is Tuesday (mardi in French). Originally called Marspiter (Father Mars), Mars was an Etruscan and Sabine agricultural god. His mother was Juno, his father, a flower. After Mars fathered Romulus and Remus and moved to the city, the Romans built him a temple on the Palatine Hill, and he became a god of defensive warfare because the Romans needed someone to defend their fields and produce.

If you're feeling unsafe where you live or work, call on Mars for protection:

"Great Father Mars,
please come to my aid.
[Explain the danger you're in.]
Father Mars, you protect your
people and your territory.
I am your friend. Please
send protection to me.

When I needed protection from violent neighbors, I appealed to Mars. He sent two legionaries to stand at my door. No one else could see them, but they kept me safe.
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