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Guerilla Gardening

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Honeysuckle
When you're out in your neighborhood, do you notice little bare, ugly patches of dirt where nothing is growing? Not everyone honors our mother planet as we do. How can you help Gaia bloom in outof- the-way places? Guerilla gardening! Bring life to those little patches of dirt by planting and caring for the plants. As you engage in guerilla gardening, any time of the night or day, you may spot other people doing the same holy work.

Identify a bare spot that needs more life. Cast a modest (small, unfancy, invisible) circle and set small rocks (gravel works) in the four cardinal directions. Or draw an invisible pentacle and set rocks on the five points. Now do your planting. Choose easycare plants like oxalis (shamrock).

Don't abandon your guerilla garden. Water your plants. Keep an eye on them. You're fostering life on our mother planet. Help keep Gaia green.
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