Spread it Around

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Ginger
When one door closes, we're fond of saying, another door opens. Really? Some days it seems like every door we come to is locked. Nothing's open. If you find yourself feeling poor and unhappy, start with this simple key to open those locked doors: a dime.

We know that magic works better if we spread it around. Collect ten bright, shiny dimes, put them in your right-hand pocket, and take a walk. At each intersection you cross, drop a dime on the sidewalk and say:

"For those in need."

Drop dimes near the doors of stores. If someone says, "Did you drop that dime?" shake your head and say, "It's yours."

When you've given away nine dimes, cup the last dime between your hands and say:

"For those in need. For me, too,
for I'm in need right now."

Keep this dime at your workstation or on your altar.
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