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The Earth Provides

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Apricot
We are halfway through July and the bounty of the earth is everywhere. At the height of the summer, healthy foods are abundant. What are the fruits and vegetables growing in your particular part of the world? Many farms have “pick your own” sections, from the first to the last crop. Green beans, peas, and cherries are ripe and ready to be picked at this time of year, just to name a few. Perhaps you have planted a garden in your own yard—zucchini and tomatoes flourish in many climates. Create a meal with a special emphasis on nature’s plenty. Local farmers’ markets often provide recipes specific to their produce: salads and soups, garnishes and side dishes—all created or enhanced by the seasonal gifts from the land. Say:

"The four elements come together
and provide nature’s gifts,
Blessed by the lady and lord,
For the nourishment of
our body and soul."
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