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Stretch Your Imagination: Make the Old Myths New Again

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Rosemary
Children love to play superhero and change the script. We can do that, too, so let’s rewrite some of the old myths. Get out your old Bulfinch (Bulfinch’s Mythology) and read awhile. Then close your eyes and voilà! You’re in Mythland. Don your cape. Leap into action.

What if Prometheus entered into a trade agreement with Olympus, Inc.? What if Atreus said, “Whoa, I’m a vegan”? What if Helen said, “Paris, you’re swell, but I’m a respectable wife”? What if Midas formed a charitable foundation to sponsor arts and culture… and hired Orpheus? What if Pasiphaë put a collar on that bull and sent it out to pasture?

It’s fun to play with the old myths and add modern touches. Movies and games do it all the time. Pagans can, too. Post your remade myths online.
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