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The Sowing (A Modern Opalia Part 1)

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Sage
This is a simple multipart spell inspired by the ancient Roman Opalia, a festival devoted to the sowing of crops and the chthonic goddess Opis.

You will need:
* Dried bean seeds (green beans, bush beans, etc.)
* A medium-sized terracotta pot with adequate drainage
* Permanent markers or paints and brushes
* Potting soil

Ground and center. Soak the dried beans in lukewarm water for about an hour. While waiting, design a sigil for your magical goal. Draw or paint this on the pot. Fill with soil and carefully plant the beans about two inches apart and one inch deep. Cover with soil. Enchant the seeds, saying:

"Opis, dark and down below,
Life from darkness rises slow.
Into the light, my future bright,
I will reap what here I sow."

Place the pot in full sun, and water the beans each day while reciting the incantation and focusing on your goal. The final observance of this spell will take place on August 25.
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