A Zinnia Spell for Strength

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Eucalyptus
In August, zinnias are blooming. I use them in this spell because they symbolize strength and endurance. This spell works well if you’re facing any kind of struggle. For this spell you’ll need a bouquet of zinnias in any color, or mixed colors. You’ll also need some orange fabric, a red candle, and the Strength card from the Tarot.

Cover your altar with the fabric. On the right, place the candle and light it safely. On the left, set the zinnias in a vase. In the center, lay the Strength card. Study the card. It represents quiet inner strength. When ready, say:

"I call upon all the power I have within,
To face my struggle, fighting until I win.
Like the zinnias,
I have the will to endure,
With this spell, my victory is secured."

Snuff out the candle. Leave the card and the zinnias on your altar until the flowers fade
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